“The world’s worst cat” for adoption. The description of the cat which was put up for adoption is so hillarious that you can not imagine


An animal shelter rescued kitty named Perdita in North Carolina. The owner of the kitty passed away that is shy the kitty was brought to the shelter.

The four years old cat looked beautiful and healthy. Everything turned to be worse as expected. The kitty turned out to have a fiery temperament

The cat got annoyed very quickly and did not calm down easily. The cat always showed her displeasure with the help her claws. Here is how the cat was decribed in her real manner.

The shelter staff members knew it will be very difficult to adopt such stubborn and unfriendly cat, but they had a great desire to find a forever home for the cat.

They decided to describe the callous kitty everything in details. Describing the cat as she is was the true desicion and was a great success.

There were many people who responded. Thanks to the real description of the cat,the cat was adopted and has a forever home now.

The cat was named and her new name is Noel.

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