A man spends half his year driving to rescue dogs and he has driven million miles and rescued 30,000 dogs


Greg leaves his Zanesville, Ohio home for 4,200 miles, nearly seven day, odyssey to help rescue dogs, many on the edge of death row in the deep South.

His unbelievable dedication to rescueing lives hasn’t stoped. Now he spends half of the year making road trips across the country to save even more lives as he can.

Rescue Road Trips is a low cost transport service like no other and its operator, Greg Mahle, is no ordinary truck driver.

Mahle leaves his Zanesville without fail, Ohio home for a seven day, 4,200 mile odyssey every Monday.

His mission is to support save abandoned, abused, neglected, lost dogs many dogs on the edge of death r in the deep South and takes them into the a loving “forever” families in the Northeast.

Mahle has driven more than one million miles to save more than thirty thousand dogs over the past decade.

With a complete dedication, love and car Mahle works difficult and long hours emotionally and physically draining hours — to ensure that every dog’s “freedom ride” is as stress-free and comfortable as it can be.

When he travels, he documents every trip on the Rescue Road Trips Facebook page to fuel the excitement of waiting families and ensure that the unsung rescue heroes whose hands and hearts brought these dogs to Greg’s rig can share in the joy of seeing them make their way to safety and love.

There are many sacrifices. Greg is away from his wife and stepson half the year and they have financial problems. Even on his “off” weeks, Rescue Road Trips requires 50-60 hours of his time.

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