Mother Duck Standing Near Tunnel Crying For Help To Save He Babies


One day, a woman heard ducklings crying while going to work, so, she stopped to check. After taking a closer look, she found the ducklings stuck in a drainage tunnel with their mama trying to help them at the tunnel’s entrance!

It was obvious that that the ducklings needed help, so, the woman called a local wildlife rescuer, Dan Martin, who directly came for help.

Martin tried to find where the ducklings where, but they were out of sight, which made him believe that he had to rescue the ducklings as they would never make it by themselves!

So, he got inside the tunnel and followed the sound until he was able to find the ducklings. Sadly, one of them had died, but the rest were saved by Martin.

He then took the ducklings back to their mama, that was very happy to see them again.

He also made sure to keep the ducks safe by leading them to a safe, grassy area away from the road! How awesome!

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