Flying Dragons Survive and They Are a Real Wonder of Nature


Let’s go on a journey to a magical world with these animals who have come from a world full of magic.

We humans have always been in awe for centuries and millennia, of any creature mythical, especially dragons. No one ever gets tired of listening to stories and legends about these majestic creatures.

Although we hear about these creatures in myths and legends, nature has found a way and has surprised us with a type of lizard which is very much similar to the majestic and mythical creatures we call dragons.

This strain, genus Draco, also known as “flying dragons” belongs to the lizard family Agamidae, and predominantly found on trees in Southeast Asian tropical forests.

1. These critters have membranes on either side of their trunk, and they grow up to 8-10 inches in length. This trunk helps these flying dragons glide from tree to tree, and they can reach up to 60 meters in altitude.

2.They have an insect-based diet, and tree ants are one of their unique delicacies.

3.These critters come down from the treetops only when they need to reproduce. During the courtship process, the males use their folding membranes to attract their partner.

4.Once the courting is over, females make a small hole in the ground, lay 4-5 eggs, and cover this with soil and leaves. After 24 hours of protecting the eggs, she abandons them and returns to the treetops.

5.Even these lizards have different species, and hence, they have other characteristics and colours. Each species has some peculiarities which make them unique in their way.

6.Being part of the most extreme beauty of nature, these flying dragons seem to have been popped right out of a magical fairy tale.

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