Elderly Dog Never Gets Ball During Fetch So Dad Has Cute Solution


Experienced pet owners are aware that senior pets will often require different care than their younger siblings.

One dog dad came up with a clever solution to implement such a change while still allowing his beloved senior pup to participate in her favorite game of fetch.

In a heartwarming video below, you can see an amazing dog dad playing fetch with two of his pups, a young Australian shepherd and an elderly golden retriever.

As you can see in the video, he throws the first ball for ‘Aussie’ a fair distance away but then tosses the second ball very softly for the ‘Goldie’ to fetch.

Goldie runs over to the ball while happily wagging her tail and then watches Aussie do the full run, just like she used to.
According to Jenna Stregowski, editor of pet health and behavior for Daily Paws, this dog’s dad is doing just what she should be doing.

She mentions aging isn’t an illness, it only calls for certain adjustments to ensure that your pet continues to lead a happy, healthy life.

“Senior dogs can still run and play in the dog park,” Stregowski says. “You just want to make changes to accommodate and keep an eye on them. Physical limits don’t mean they don’t need the same mental stimulation as they used to.”

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