Personality Test Gorilla, Birds or Fish What You Spot First Reveals Your Personality Traits


The internet has been giving various types of optical illusions to fascinate the netizens. Optical illusions help pass the time effectively and are a good exercise for the brain.

In some of the optical illusions that are making the rounds on social media, psychologists suggest that we can tell what we are like and even our personality based on the first thing we see.

Our personality traits are determined by what we first see in an optical illusion photograph, often in the form of animals or objects hidden in black. Today we bring you an optical illusion to help you learn about such challenging and personality traits.

The image below is centered around a tree. 4 animal figures are hidden in it. Your personality traits can be defined by the first animal you see. What are you ready for?… Take a close look at the photo. What did you see first?


The large negative space in the lower left of the tree is in the shape of a gorilla’s face. If you have seen a gorilla for the first time, you are an optimistic person. You are highly analytical and proactive. When you always decide to solve a problem, you take a deep interest in the subject and gather as much information as possible to find the deeper meaning.


If you first saw two birds flying above the tree, you may be an honest person. You will be the leader of the team because of your amazing intuition. You will advise many people.
the lion

Opposite the gorilla, on the left side of the tree, is the lion’s face. If you saw the lion first, you are a person of personality and always want to move forward.


Chances are you’ll see it first. Because only a very small number of people have ever seen two fish jumping out of water at the base of a tree. If you are one of those few, you are an ambitious person. Famous for his kindness. However, sometimes people are likely to take advantage of you because of your helpful nature.

Another secret is hidden in this interesting optical illusion. This optical illusion image is the official logo of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

According to Mighty Optical Illusions, Bob Kuckert, who lives in Pittsburgh, USA, was the first to discover that the logo has an interesting optical illusion. After comparing it with the data on the zoo’s official website, he confirmed that such a thing was hidden in the logo.

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