Can you find the hidden robot in this optical illusion? Only the quickest-eyed and most observant will be able to spot it in 13 seconds or less!


How is the hunt to find the robot going? Did you figure out where it is hiding?

Okay here is a hint- Look for the eyes of the robot. Since animals and inanimate objects have different eyes, try to find a different pair.

Still didn’t get it? Come on, it’s right in front of your eyes. Try to find the robot, just pay attention to the image.

Hurry up! The time is about to be over.
3… 2… and 1!Oh no, the time is over!Did you figure out where the robot was hiding?

Congratulations, if you found the robot, you are a true puzzle master.
If you weren’t able to find the robot, it’s okay, don’t be discouraged. Just scroll to the top again and give it another try without a timer. Now, here is the solution.

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