Optical Illusion: There is a TV remote hidden in the living room in this optical illusion picture puzzle. Can you spot it within 5 seconds?

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The image above shows a living room. The living room looks neat, but there are a few things scattered around in the image.

Solving puzzles like the one we’ve prepared for you today is a lot of fun, in addition to helping readers improve the aforementioned talents.

However, we must warn you ahead of time that today’s optical puzzle will not be completed by everyone. You can only solve it if you have exceptional attentiveness. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

As you can see, there is a laptop and a smartphone lying on the couch beside a comforter.

There is an empty coffee mug on the table underneath the TV. There is a half-open book on the coffee table and slippers on the floor.

There is a cat grooming herself near the coffee table. The TV is turned on but is not playing, because the remote has gotten lost somewhere in all of the mess.

Optical Illusion Solution
You were asked to spot the remote hidden in the living room within 5 seconds.

Here is it:

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