If You Have Eagle Eyes Find The Word Onion In 16 Secs

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*T-here are a var-iety of Optical illusions, from Co-gnitive and psy-chological to ph-ysical. Optical illusions are de-eply fas-cinating, shape-shifting im-ages of Hid-den Word Onion or dr-awings that cha-llenge the brain’s way of per-ceiving th-ings.*

*The field of psy-choanalysis thr-ows light on how we pe-rceive things, and st-udies show that optical illusions are a part of it. Acc-ording to st-udies, the more chal-lenging rid-dles you com-plete, the wi-ser you get. The way our br-ains fun-ction is al-ways fa-scinatingly rev-ealed by optical illusions. Optical illusions pr-ove that re-ality is co-nstructed by one’s brain, the way the b-rain sees so-mething it co-nsiders that to be its r-eality.

*The ma-jority of time our br-ains create matc-hes from past exp-eriences to fill the gaps, the va-rious ty-pes of illusions ge-nerate vari-ous ans-wers for our br-ain.

*Our b-rains are so good at re-cognising pat-terns and “seeing” that sci-entists b-elieve optical illusions are fa-miliar Obje-cts that our m-inds work qu-ickly to cr-eate a “whole” image from separ-ate pi-eces. A hu-man brain can look at th-ings dif-ferently from all dif-ferent an-gles, and it fo-rms diff-erent de-cisions from all an-gles. One ill-ustration that con-fuses the hum-an mind is the image where an Word Onion is hi-dden and has to be fo-und.

*This im-age was sh-ared as a pu-zzle for all age gr-oups. It has been seen that only 2% of pe-ople can find the Word Onion in this image. Sp-otting the Hid-den Word Onion can be a lit-tle di-fficult but with a li-ttle bit of co-ncentration you can do it!

*Optical illusions are like wal-nuts to the b-rain; they sh-arpen your brain’s ana-lytical po-wers. Our br-ains unco-nsciously try to meet our de-sire and exp-ectations when in-search of re-ality. In a ga-me of Optical Illusion one can think that a va-riety of Obj-ects match the obje-ct that one has to find and that c-reates the con-fusion ma-king the brain try to dif-ferentiate be-tween what is real and what looks real.

*This illusion chal-lenges its vi-ewers to find The Word Onion by as-king them to “Disc-over The Word Onion.” This Optical illusion im-age is just an-other fun way to test your IQ, but ta-king an ac-tual IQ test to test the IQ is a far be-tter idea.

*It is a di-fficult task, and it can be cha-llenging for most pe-ople to spot the Hid-den Word Onion in a few sec-onds, as stu-dies show that only 2% of pe-ople can spot the Hid-den Word Onion. If you have yet to find the Hi-dden Word Onion, don’t wo-rry. We will re-veal it at the end.

*Optical Illusions ta-ckle the dif-ference be-tween what your ey-es see and what the br-ain per-ceives. For this Optical Illusion you still have time to go back up and sea-rch for the Hi-dden Word Onion yo-urself bef-ore we re-veal the Hidden Word Onion in the im-age below.

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