Are you genuis and smart enough to find the number 787 in 17 Secs?

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Brain tesasers are eye tests which very often involve hidden elements, such as numbers, words and shapes. To see the hidden number 787 in a 17 seconds is a chellenge for you.


Start from one corner and move your gaze slowly across the whole picture. Use a grid-like pattern to be sure about your cover for each part of the picture.

In order to solve the brain teaser. You have to find the number 787 in 17 seconds in this concrete visual test.

However, the main aim is to follow a systematic scanning point of view and look for different variations in the image very slowly and carefully.

With much patience and practice, you’ll make your ability better to see the hidden objects, numbers and words in the brain teaser.

Begin scanning the picture methodically, starting from one corner and moving your attention slowly at the whole image.

Search for words, shapes, or different variations in the image where the number 787 might be hidden. If you had difficulty or you are confused whether you are right or not the answer is provided.

Share the brain teaser with your family members and friends. If you liked this optical illusion try other chellenging illusions from our page.

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