Optical illusion: If you have Sharp Eyes find the Word Jail among Tail in 20 Secs

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*Our br-ains are so go-od at recog-nising patt-erns and “se-eing” that sci-entists bel-ieve optical illusions are fami-liar obj-ects that our mi-nds work qui-ckly to cre-ate a “whole” ima-ge from sepa-rate pi-eces. A hu-man br-ain can look at th-ings diff-erently fr-om all diff-erent ang-les, and it for-ms diffe-rent deci-sions from all an-gles. One illus-tration that confu-ses the hu-man min-d is the im-age whe-re a Wo-rd Jail is hid-den and has to be fo-und.*

*Th-is im-age was sha-red as a pu-zzle for all age grou-ps. It has be-en se-en that only 2% of pe-ople can fi-nd the Wo-rd Jail in this im-age. Spot-ting the Hid-den Wo-rd Jail can be a li-ttle diffi-cult but wi-th a lit-tle bit of conce-ntration you can do it!

*Optical illusions are lik-e wal-nuts to the br-ain; the-y shar-pen your brain’s anal-ytical pow-ers. Our brai-ns uncons-ciously t-ry to me-et our de-sire and expec-tations wh-en inse-arch of rea-lity. In a ga-me of Optical Illusion one can th-ink th-at a var-iety of obj-ects ma-tch the ob-ject that one has to fi-nd and th-at cre-ates the conf-usion maki-ng the br-ain try to differ-entiate bet-ween wh-at is re-al and wh-at loo-ks real.

*Th-is illusion chall-enges its vi-ewers to find The Word Jail by ask-ing th-em to “Discover The Word Jail.” This Optical illusion ima-ge is just ano-ther fun wa-y to test your IQ, but ta-king an ac-tual IQ test to test the IQ is a far be-tter id-ea.

*It is a diff-icult ta-sk, and it can be chall-enging for mo-st peo-ple to sp-ot the Hid-den Wo-rd Jail in a few seco-nds, as stu-dies sho-w th-at only 2% of peo-ple can sp-ot the Hid-den Word Jail. If you ha-ve yet to fi-nd the Hid-den Word Jail, don’t wo-rry. We will rev-eal it at t-he end.

*Optical Illusions tac-kle the diffe-rence bet-ween wh-at your ey-es see and wh-at the br-ain perc-eives. For this Optical Illusion you st-ill ha-ve time to go b-ack up and sea-rch for the Hidden Word Jail you-rself be-fore we reve-al the Hidden Word Jail in the ima-ge be-low. We h-ope you ha-ve fou-nd it on yo-ur own; if not, don’t worry. He-re is the image showi-ng the Hidden Word Jail. The mom-ent has co-me wh-en the Hidden Word Jail will be reve-aled. Check the Ima-ge bel-ow!

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