Challenge that only 1% overcome: can you find the 10 differences between unicorns?


Your mission today will be to locate the 10 inequalities between unicorns, but don’t think it will be that easy, since you will need to be extremely agile, since you only have 20 seconds to beat the mental test. Ready to demonstrate all your ability?

Can you beat the challenge in time?
Look very carefully at the following image and find all the differences on the first try.

To do this, we recommend that you concentrate, avoid any type of distraction, but most importantly, have as much fun as possible.

Complete this fun visual challenge in just 8 seconds.Time’s up! We hope that you have been able to locate all the inequalities in the indicated time, but if you were not able to find the correct answer, don’t worry, you will soon have your revenge, don’t be discouraged.

Check the solution to the challenge
Now we share the answer to the visual challenge so you can check how close you were to success. Don’t forget to continue practicing until you become a true genius.

Solution. The hair of the tail of the unicorn, one of the clouds, the bats, one of the ears of the unicorn,the endings of the ballons, the cicle on the round circle both on green and blue ballons, green ballon

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