Do you have excellent vision? Find the 3 differences in the little dragon


Visual challenges are causing a sensation on the main social networks, especially images with a high level of difficulty that test people’s level of intelligence.

For that reason, learn more details about one of the most complicated visual games on digital platforms. Are you ready?

Where are the 3 differences in the challenge?In this image you can see a small dragon shooting a fireball from its snout, but there are some differences that only the most intelligent people have been able to locate. Will you be one of them? Here you will have the opportunity to prove it.

Next, try to locate the 3 differences within a time limit of 7 seconds. If you cannot find the solution, in the following lines you will have a brief description and the image indicating each of the answers you were looking for.

The dragon’s visual challenge is one of the most extreme. The solution to the visual challenge.

Don’t feel any more if you couldn’t locate the differences, you must take into account their level of difficulty. However, this should not stop you and you should look for more similar exercises to improve your visual ability to resolve conflicts.

Answer: The differences you were looking for are found in the dragon’s head, in the fireball that came out of its mouth, and in the animal that is next to it. Were you close to achieving it? We wish you luck for the next one.

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