95% couldn’t! There are 6 differences and you have 16 seconds to find them

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Visual challenge: You are ready to test your visual and mental agility, this riddle deserves it, since you only have 10 seconds to find the differences. We recommend that you observe every detail of the image to successfully overcome it.

If you do not find all the differences in 10 seconds, we will give you a new opportunity with a time of 10 more seconds.

If you made it this far you probably solved the challenge, if so, congratulations! If you have not succeeded, look at the solved image to confirm how close you were to finding all the differences.

95% couldn’t! There are differences and you have 10 seconds to find them
Do you dare to achieve the goal?

This visual challenge could only be solved by experts and, if you consider yourself one of the best, go ahead.

Solution. The colour of the shirt, the colour of the sweater, the hat on the floor, the colour of the bag, the colour of the hair of the woman, the colour of the dress of the woman.

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