“There’s not a single piece that I didn’t personally select or that doesn’t have a story behind it.”

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Jamie Lee Curtis and her spouse, Christopher Guest, are millionaires who have chosen to live in the same beautiful home for the past 30 years.

In December 2022, they celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary. Throughout their marriage, they have lived in the same house where their children, Annie and Ruby, grew up.

Jamie Lee Curtis, a Hollywood royalty, is the daughter of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. She followed in their footsteps and built a successful acting career with beloved films like “Halloween” and “Freaky Friday.”

Curtis has been recognized for her exceptional acting abilities, earning a Golden Globe nomination for the sitcom “Anything But Love.” Raised in Los Angeles, Curtis grew up both as an adult and with her parents.

In addition to acting, Curtis is also a successful writer, known for her children’s books. She gained fame with her 1993 release, “When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth.”

Curtis credits her husband, actor-filmmaker Christopher Guest, with inspiring her two children. Her second book, “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born,” published in 1996, was inspired by the adoption of their oldest child, Annie. Later, she wrote “Is There Really a Human Race?” in 2006, inspired by their adoptive daughter, Ruby.

Curtis and Guest have been married since 1984. She has often expressed her gratitude for her husband and looks forward to spending the rest of her life with him. On their 36th anniversary, she wrote about their enduring bond, describing how their children, families, and friends have supported them through both successes and failures.

Curtis recalls the moment she knew she would marry Guest when she saw his photo in a 1984 Rolling Stone magazine before the premiere of “This Is Spinal Tap.” Despite never having met him, she decided to contact his agent the next day. Although Guest didn’t call her immediately, they eventually met at a restaurant and began dating soon after.

Guest later moved to New York City to film “Saturday Night Live,” and despite the distance, their relationship flourished. In 1992, Curtis and Guest purchased a 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival house. Curtis personally chose every piece of furniture and decor, while Guest was initially more discerning about the house hunt. They ultimately decided to buy the house because of its park-like environment and terracotta roof tiles.

The house had not been modified since its construction, so they enlisted the help of Jan McFarland Cox to update it. The home now combines modern Zen design elements with traditional Mediterranean features, reflecting the couple’s belief in merging old and new.

Architect Michael B. Lehrer and his wife Mia assisted with renovations, including adding bedrooms for their children and opening up the kitchen to create a family area, which Curtis calls “the emotional center of the house.” The interiors highlight the home’s Mediterranean roots.

Curtis and Guest believe their home brings happiness, with Curtis using inspirational sayings and timeless hardwood furnishings to maintain a light and airy atmosphere. Their home embodies a deep understanding of what it means to be “home” with one another.

Curtis and Guest now enjoy their time together as empty nesters. Their daughter Ruby transitioned from her previous identity as Thomas, and their oldest daughter Annie is married. Ruby, who transitioned at 25, has taught Curtis to reject the notion that gender is fixed. Ruby also married in 2022, with Curtis proudly officiating her wedding.

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