A Four-Month-Old Child Disrupts Any Attempt to Sing Along to a Kare Carpenter Song

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We all connect through music, even babies and animals, experiencing a wide range of emotions it evokes.

Here’s a video featuring a newborn named Alder listening to Karen Carpenter’s song “I Know I Need To Be In Love” while attempting to sing along with Annie. Despite not having spoken a word yet, Alder’s attempt to sing along melts hearts.

In just weeks after its upload, this heartwarming video garnered millions of views on YouTube, currently trending with over 9.4 million views. It showcases the power of music to inspire and influence emotions in living beings, with Alder’s video being just one example.

Another video depicts a mother singing opera to her son, George. Although George typically enjoys heavy metal, he becomes visibly emotional when his mother starts singing opera. This mesmerizing video highlights how music can tap into the most primal of human emotions.

Additionally, Borja Catanesi, a beloved street performer, captivates audiences of all ages with his infectious guitar solos. In one clip, a carefree little girl dances joyously to his rendition of “Despacito,” remaining enthralled for over half an hour.

These videos exemplify the universal language of music, transcending age and language barriers to evoke powerful emotional responses.

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