Marla Gibbs, the 92-year-old icon from “The Jeffersons,” makes a rare appearance at the Emmys – and everyone is saying the same thing.

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Marla Gibbs, the 92-year-old icon from “The Jeffersons,” made a rare appearance at the Emmys, stunning everyone. Best known for her role on the show, she has been out of the limelight for some time.

Gibbs wowed the crowd with her comeback to the red carpet, sporting a gorgeous black dress adorned with sparkles and jewels.

Accompanying Quinta Brunson on-stage to present an award, she received a warm reception from the audience, proving she’s still beloved at 92.

Brunson expressed her excitement at sharing the stage with Gibbs, highlighting her illustrious career spanning decades and her continued vitality in the industry, surpassing even those much younger than her in activity and relevance.

Gibbs seized the moment to crack a joke, quipping, “That’s easy, baby: the wage gap,” humorously noting she’d need to work “20 more years” before considering retirement.

She playfully suggested Brunson could write a role for her on Abbott Elementary, adding, “Black don’t crack!” However, landing Gibbs for the show would be a challenge due to her already packed schedule.

Her acting journey began with an uncredited role in 1968’s “Yours, Mine and Ours,” and she has remained active ever since, appearing in numerous films and TV shows. In 2022, she featured in “Bromates,” “Spirit Halloween:

The Movie,” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” while last year she graced screens in “A Snowy Day in Oakland,” “The Ms. Pat Show,” and “History of the World: Part II.”

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