Colorful photos.A multi-coloured tyrant which is like a rainbow


Here is a multi- coloured tyrant. A small bird that is able to  have seven various colors. It has a small body which is like a rainbow. The very bright  and colorful layer of feathers is not unique to any one particular bird type, nor is unique to one concrete size of bird.

A small three-inch bird is a true proof that the bird has seven colors on its small body, it shows a wonderful and colorful rainbow.

Multi-coloured rush tyrant has 3 -4.5in  length. Looking and hearing the name it is obvious that it is very colorful. On its small body it has 7 various colors.

The face of this bird is blue to grey, on his head there are yellow stripes on his head. The wings and tail are black black with a white wing bar and white outer tail-feathers.

As to  a lot of  bird types, females and juveniles are not quite as bright.

These small  birds can be seen  in South America, around lakes and rivers. They are mainly spread from  south-east Brazil to southern Argentina and central Chile. In other places that they are found are in the Andes of south-east Peru and west Bolivia.

Many-colored rush tyrant spends its time looking for food. The rush tyrant even catches  flying insects on her wing.

The female builds a nest which is like and has a shape of  a cone . Through the   time the nest dries and helps provide stability in windy weather. She then lays 2 or 3 eggs.

Although widespread throughout its range, this species does face threats due to habitat loss.

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