The tiny and hopeless kitten was laying on the highway. Everybody went past and did not stop to help the kitten.


A tiny cat  kitten was lying on the highway that did not interest to anybody. He felt so abondened and  lonely in the world.

The mother of the cat  was force out into the terrace by the cat’s owners. She started  to live in the underground room, where there were many abandoned cats.

The kid recalled that it had a sister and a brother. The kittens vanushed from sight with the mother cat. The kitten had a fence for  eating  mother’s milk very much. He became so fragile and sick  that he was not able to stand on its paws.

The cat was not afraid, the cars were passing along the road. The kitten could not wake up or walk. The cat was not disturb anymore.

People in general did not stroll and people even did not want to discard the cat from the highway.

The kitten’s body was all in fleas and very soiled. Her eyes  were injured a lot. It was passing away, but immediately a car put a stop near it.

The girl took the cat and put it in the back of the car. A girl took the cat to her house.  She took care of the cat and touched his tiny head. The cat  did not worry about anything.

The kitten was fed properly  and the cat felt so comfortable. The kitten had a bath and freed himself from fleas.

After a week, he no longer recalled the dirty basement in which the cats were screaming all the time. Now the kitten is safe and sound.

The kitten was lucky to meet such a kind person who rescued him  and took care and  loved him.

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