A faithful and heroic dog rescues his owner’s family from robbers


The devotion and true love of dogs towards humans is uncomparable and without suspect.
Though in this story a cute and faithful dog gives bis life for saving his owner’s family from thieves.

This robbery occured in Indonesia when Achy Wijay the owner of the dog got up and saw wakened his dog lying hopeless and nearly dead in the garden. The owner Achy listened how the dog was anxious and barking all previous night.

All the family members were sleeping when the thieves entered the house and wanted to steal things, but the dog saw the thieves. The dog tried to frighten the thieves and bark loudly in a rapid way, but the the family did not think about robbery they just thought that the dog barks on the cat. The dog struggles and did his best but unfortunately it was hurt and injured by rude theives.

The owners then told that they were rescued by the dog’s heroic act but the dog did not live. He passed away. The vets could not save the dog even after long struggling of doctors. Rest in peace, cute and true hero dog. All the family is so sad for the loss of the dog. May he be happy in a new world.

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