PHOTOS. A strong and positive kitten. A paralyzed cat melts people’s hearts by his positive expressions on his face


A cat named Rexie is a true example that being handicapped is not a sentence. He is 3 years old. Unfotunately he has a disability, his backbone is smashed and his legs can not be handled as it was badly treated by his former family.

He became paralyzed when he was a tiny kitten. Through time overcoming many hazardous situations he enjoys his life to the greatest level.

He did not want to let his being handicapped seize him.As to the kitten’s owner whose name was Dasha Minaeva, the kitten is not informed about being handicapped and behaves himself as a normal cat. There are things he can not do by himself.

The owner Dasha and the cat became indivisable and close friends from the time he was adopted. He even had a wheelchair but he has difficulties using it that is why he uses it rarely.

He prefers to walk by himslef and does not prefer to use the wheelchair. He feels positive and relaxed. He is a real hero.

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