The faithful dog refuses to leave the side of the bed where his owner once was lying on the edge of death, unfortunately he has already passed away


Many people know about the loyality and trust of dogs. Many stories aprove this devotion. Every story of this kind of devotion approaches people’s hearts and because of this they get more and more love and care.

Recently a group wrote about true stories abput animals on social media. In New Jersey one of the members of the group wrote a true story about saved animals.

He downloaded a photo of a dog. Seeing this picture and description of the picture after reading the post many people feel very touched and excited.

A dog who is three years old just sat at the vacant sickbed having a hope seeing  his owner. But unfortunately the dog won’t see his owner once more because he passed away.

The dog was named Moose. He is of half Labrador breed. The dog is lovely and is adored by everybody. Nowdays the dog is brokenhearted and suffering. Unluckily, his caring owner passed away.

And the soreness that the animal passes through can not be stood all alone. The dog has a lack of friendly family nowadays to support him to overcome the grief of losing his owner.

The dog Labrador was brought from the orphanage not more than a week. Luckily, the dog rapidely found a forever home, to support him to release his sorrow.

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