A funny video. A hero duck. A cute duckling does his best to fetch the fallen slipper of the boy
A woman named Myla Agulia was strolling nearby his house, doing her everyday activities when she saw a strange thing that stopped her. A little boy’
Video. A heroic act. How a kind guy does not stop feeding sea food to the bald eagles in Alaska risiking his own life every day
The awesome hairless eagles are considered as a symbol of America. They can not be seen everywhere. But there are places that there are a lot of hairlesa eagles.
Luckily, an old dog having facial defect has a beloved forever home
A dog named Mirabel was seen in the pavements in Kentucky by a good doing person. When they came near the dog they saw that the dog did not have a nose.
Worth praising. A heroic act of the firefighter rescued the life of two dogs who were left in the burning house
This is a story which occured in California. It is about a firing that happened some weeks ago. The firefighter saved two puppies from the fire without
True friends until the last breath in their life. A heartbreaking story about a police officer and a faithful horse who lived the last moments in his life
It was a usual working day at the police office for the officer and his faithful friend which was a horse. But unfortunately, a horrible accident damaged the horse.