A cat having a sad expression on his face becomes unrecognized happy after being rescued


This cat is considered to be the sadest cat in the world. He is named Mister Willis. Unluckily this cat has many health problems as well as eye infection. This cat has deficiency of immune sytem.

He has also problems connected with teeth. The cat is 6 years old and has lived all her life outdoors. He suffered from pain and was badly hurt the time he was taken to animal shelter.

When moved to the animal clinic he was cured step by step. The title given to him as the sadest cat turned into as the most lovely and cutest feline.

A woman named Sandra saw the  picture of this lovely kitten and wanted to adopt the kitten. Sandra had only one problem her landlord did not give permission to keep dog. After some efforts she adopted the cute pet.

This day of adoption was the most cheerful day for both of them. All animals as well as people need is care and love.

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