PICTURES. The weak and exhausted kitten found in the streets finally became a hairy and healthy feline


One year ago a woman named Nur Hamizah saw a white weak near his cat in Malaysia.
The feline was small, injured and full of infections and was very untidy.

She made a decision to support this tiny kitten to take him from outdoors so she put him in the carton and took him to her house.

The woman gave the kitten a name Meimei. After a day she brought the cat to the animal clinic and here he was examined carefully.

He needed curing very quickly. The poor kitten was 4lb and unluckily he had many infections and skin problems.

Nur did her best so that the cat got better and never lost his hope. She was already very connected with this cute creature.

But after a long period of time his state got better and he was transfomed into a pretty cat.Due to this kind woman the kitten is saved and is adored by this woman.

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