A cute kitten who has a heart form on her body is in need of enormous love and care. She is in pain as she suffers from serious infections


A kitten who has heart sign on her body suffers from being beaten by frost. She has spent most of her life outdoors.

She is already eight years old and has been strolling outdoors all her life. She has a form of heart on her body.

She has respiratory problems and many infections because the cold she lived in. Unluckily, she is in pain.

Even though she has a heart on her fur but she herself is in need of great love. The cat named Valentine was taken to an animal clinic.

She will be treated her and completely cured. She deserves to live happily and surrounded by love and care.

She is with friendly foster family and finally knkws how is living warm and happy at  a shelter. We hope she will soon be adopted.

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