The brave dog saved the soldier’s life. The soldier adopts this cute dog as he owed this dog for his life


Dogs have an important role in army service as they can explore robbery. They can smell and feel the dangers.

A soldier want to take a dog for an adoption as due to him he is still alive. The cute dog saved this man’s life.

He took 4 bu llets on his body instead of this soldier. Because of this shot the dog lost his leg and had to leave his job.

The man owed this dog Layka even many of his friends said that the dog is useless. The man did not accept their suggestions and bad advice.

The dog acted so bravely that many people would not even risk to do. The dog gave his own life for the soldier.

Now he is adopted and is loved and taken care of here with the soldier’s family. The dog just adores playing with Julian’s son who is one year old.As many people said that the dog would become aggresive but he is so gentle and loving towards family members.

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