The cats were rescued by an oil worker who were frozen in the icy ground


This is a story about three kittens stuck in the icy snow. It was a very cold day.

A worker from Canada did this by means of coffee. The man heard the crying of cats from the frozen ice.

The two cats tails were in the ice. A man named Diwishch thought to do something very quickly.

He ran to his car and brought a warm coffee to melt the ice and get out the cute hopeless kittens.

Something funny happened that the man really could not imagine. The cats began to drink the warm coffee.

The man tried to free them in a careful way so that the cats were not damaged or had health problems.

He took the frozen and shivering cat to his place. He gave them plenty food and warmed them up. It was seen that the three cats were stuck in the snowy ice all night.

Luckily, the kittens had a forever home in the future and were adopted by a lovely family.

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