The pit bull can not believe his eyes. At last he met his owner after 200 days being apart


A stranger found a dog in their house. The dog wanted a safe place to stay. The man called an animal shelter to tell about the stray dog.

The shelter took the dog. The dog was named Blue. He is a pit bull mix breed. It is not known how long the pit bull was wandering in the streets. The dog is very friendly and sociable towards people.

At first the pit bull was a shy one. The dog was sociable with people, but not with the other dogs in the shelter.

The dog played with his blue toy all the time. He was put for adoption in social media. And the first response to this photo was that the owner wrote that the dog was his dog.

The owner said that the dog was missing for already six months. He looked for the dog everywhere but useless. Luckily, he found him.

The man passed 1,200 miles to meet his dog again. Their reunion scene was so touching the man was crying and hugging the dog.

It was as if the dog could not believe that he finally met his owner.The man and the dog are back to Texas. They are happy to be together.

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