At last a woman finds her dog starving who was stolen for already two years


A woman lost her dog named Lord two years ago. She tried to find her beloved dog everywhere, but in vain. She did not lose her hope to find the dog.

A photo of a stray dog was downloaded on social media by an animal shelter. The dog looked very dirty and had blue eyes.

The woman saw the picture of the dog and called the shelter thinking he was her dog. When she came to see the dog, the dog became depressed.

Earlier, Harmon’s favourite dog went missing two years ago. She was sitting with her church group when the shelter called her to ask to come and see the dog.

The woman approached the dog and called the dog Tootaroota.Tootaroota was his nicname. The dog was at the shelter gate. When the dog heard this  nickname the dog ran to the woman.

The dog stood on his hind legs and started to smell the woman and look closer at her.
The dog remembered the woman.

He hugged the woman and kissed her. The dog moved his tail showing that he recognized the woman.

Now the dog is healthy and happy reunited with his faithful family. The dog makes every member of the family joyful.

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