The grandfather found the lost kitten hidding in the tissue box


Here is a cat named Chanel. The kitten is two weeks old. The kitten was in a shelter where they did not have any means to look after the kitten.

The kitten was put for adoption. Fortunately, Britney Diane saw the picture of the kitten and she made a desicion to adopt the kitten. The kitten would be put down if nobody took the kitten.

The girl rescued the cute and sweet kitten. The kitten is very funny she hides everywhere she finds place.

Once the family thought they lost the kitten as they looked for the kitten everywhere possible, even in the places where it was less possible that the kitten would be.

At last grandfather sat at the table and saw the tiny kitten when he wanted to get a tissue. They all understood that the kitten was in the tissue box.

The kitten did this regularly she used to hide in the tissue box every time even when the girl wanted to feed her with a bottle of milk.

The tissue box is going to be her favourit place. Maybe this is going to be her favourite place until she grows up.

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