The lost cat was not found anywhere, till she listens to her tiny girl’s voice


This story is heartwarming and touching. It is about a lost cat which was seen nowhere. The girl did not lose her hope to see her cat again.

One day the cat disappeared. The cat wandered near the house nearby the neighbourhood.

The cat always returned. In this case he did not return.

The family searched their beloved cat everywhere, but useless. The cat was named Tita.

Most of all the members of the family suffered the daughter of the family.

One of the neighbours told them that he saw the cat near the school.

The father of the girl drove the car to the school. The door of the school was closed.

The girl did not see her cat. She called her name and in some seconds the cat appeared and jumped into her arms.

The father of the girl took a photo and video of this scene. Their reunion was so emotional.

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