Video.The cute pitbull does not stop cuddling and hugging his owner who rescued and adopted him from orphange


Saving a dog from orphange is a nice decision. This story is about a student who worked as a valounteer in the regional dog shelter.

The student’s name is Kayla Filoon. She noticed a dog who came to the orphange in a bad health state. Kayla and the dog became good friends and true companions.

The dog was named Russ. They became nice companions. Their bond became very tight. The dog had missing hair on his body.

The dog looked at the young girl in such way as if he wanted to be adopted. The dog was also very thin. The young student took the dog. The dog does not stop hugging his owner.

When the owner sits to do her homework the dog comes closer and hugs the young girl. The dog adores cuddling. It is a way of showing love and care to this girl.

Here is the video:

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