An emotional scene. The blind and deaf dog recognizes her owner immediately after being seperated for already a year


This story is about an Australian shepherd named Bitsy and a man whose name is Steve Kristal.

The family loved their dog Bitsy as the dog was friendly, devoted and very sweet dog.

The grandpa of the family was concerned how the blind and deaf dog would live with them. After some time the dog and the grandpa became inseperable friends.

When it was a corovirus time and there were many restrictions. The dog and the grandpa Steve seperated. The routine of the family changed abruptly.

The grandpa was always interested whether the dog remembered him.The easing restrictions made it easier for the grandpa to reunited with his beloved dog. They used to cuddle and play together. They were connected with each other tightly.

When the dog felt the presence of the grandpa she jumped and hugged him showing how much she loved and missed him. The dog is unique and has impressive abilities.

The granda worried about the dog all this time and even thought the dog does not remember him. Their reunion is  heartwarming.

Here is the video:

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