Bride’s 15 years old dog who was on the edge of death lived until he saw her owner get married


A bride Kelly O’Connell had a great desire that her black Labrador also participated in her weeding. It turned out that her dog suffered from cancer. The dog had a brain tumor.

The dog was adopted when Kelly was 19 years old. The dog and Kelly had a very tight bond. The dog’s name is Charlie. The dog and  Kelly were inseperable.

Kelly went for trainig and took her dog with her. She felt in love with the veterinarian James Garvin. They got married.

During the ceremony the dog also participated. The dog could not walk because his illness got for the worse day be day. The dog was carried to weeding by the bride’s sister.

There are many pictures shot that day. The scene was so emotional. The dog passed away after the wedding. The dog will always live in the memory of people who love him sincerely.

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