A family left their faithful dog at the shelter as they were having a baby


A German shepherd was left abandoned in a shelter as his owner did not want him anymore. The family was going to have a baby. The only cosy place for him was the shelter. The dog was named Rocco.

The family thought that the shelter was the best place for him. Unluckily, the dog was taken here scared and very timid. The dog used to sit in the corner of the kennel without moving and playing with other dogs. The dog was only three years old.

The dog did not seem to understand why his family left him. A kind woman who came to the shelter frequently noticed the dog. She dowloaded the picture of the dog hoping to find a forever home for him. The dog looked very thin. The woman took the dog to her house. She wanted to make her stressful state better. She fed and gave the dog extra care and love.

The woman’s name is Phillaipakkam. She had also another German shepherd. The dogs got along with other. At first the dog was confused but after some time he became more lively. The dog is so gentle and shy. Many people became interested in adopting the dog. Soon he will have a forever home. Luckily, he is getting all the love and care that he deserves.

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