The homeless dog does not stop hugging and kissing the vet who rescued his life


Dogs tend to be grateful for everything that a person does for them. Even when the owner takes them for a walk or treats something.

Here is a story about a dog who is thankful to a vet who saved his life. The dog does not stop hugging the vet who gave him a second chance to live. The dog was taken to the hospital in a bad state.

The dog was badly burnt in a homeless place. He was named Smokey. The dog was cured here and he showed his kindness with all his heart. The state of the dog got better day after day.

The dog expressed his gratitude to Dr. Latimer and the nurses who saved his life. The scene how the dog jumps and hugs the doctor tightly is so touching.

The dog shows his appreciation in this way. The dog wagged his tail and gave many kisses to the doctor. All the staff was surprised by this act. This dog deserves to live a better life.

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