A heart touching video. Deaf dog surprises her owner with her own way of barking and it makes her owner cry


This an emotional story of a white coloured dog who is completely deaf from the time she was born. The dog is named Reggie. The dog was rescued. She is such a sweet dog.

The dog has a very different world but she is so clever in her world. The dog has not heard any barking since birth. She has only seen the movement of the mouth of the dogs.

She notices that the movement which is connected with barking makes people be attentive to dogs. She tried and it made her owner be surprised.

Her owner thought that the dog was sneezing and coughing. The owner of the dog became surprised and even could not believe her ears and eyes at first.

The dog Reggie feels happy to bark and she tries to attract attention. The dog feels proud of herself every time he barks.

Here is the video that makes your heart melt:

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