A touching scene.The cute roaming dog shares his bread that the rescuer gave him with other furry friends


A dog named Gunnar used to wander near the garbage bin. The dog had lived a hazardous life without proper care or food.

The dog has always had a lack of food but he has a generous heart. Luckily, the dog was rescued.

In order to gain the trust of the dog the rescuers treated him bread.The scene was very cute as the dog took the bread and wanted to share the little piece of the bread with his other furry friends.

The dog was excited as he was finally rescued and he would never have to stay outdoors in a dirty place. The dog was immediately taken to a vet.

The dog was examined and given proper treatment. The dog became more lively and playful. He stayed in a foster family for a week.

After this he was adopted and has a forever home now. He still remains such kind dog and never hurts anybody. The dog is full of life and energy.

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