Video. An owner reunited with his dog after two years


Once the dog named Bosco went out of the house alone without his owner. Unluckily, he could not find his way home and got lost.

The poor lost dog lived wondering in the streets. The dog was full of sorrow. His eyes were full of tears.

Fortunately, the dog was rescued by the staff of the shelter. The shelter found out that the owner of the dog is Bill Ballato.

It turned out that the owner of the dog was in Colorado. He had moved 3,000 km.

The members of the staff organized a video call. As the dog saw his owner he got happy and excited. It was obvious that both of them were happy to see each other.

The owner of the dog could not come as he was an invalid. A volunteer of the shelter gathered a fund so that they could take the dog to his owner. The trip to his owner took for nearly 36 hours.

Here is the video:

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