Here is a sweet puppy named Oreo Cloud which is like an Oreo Mclurry Fluff


A cute puppy is named Oreo Cloud. The dog is like a Oreo Mclurry Fluff. The picture of the sweet dog became famous in the social media.

The dog melted hearts by his cute appearance. The dog is so adoreable. A person can not just pass by the fluffy dog.

The real name of the dog is Chief. The dog is named Chief as he likes to be a leader not a follower. The dog can become 85 pounds.

Everybody calls the dog Oreo Cloud as the puppy is much like Oreo Mclurry Fluff.The owner of the dog likes the dog’s nickname as it is typical for the dog.

The dog likes to catch things and he behaves as if he is trained.The dog has a big size but he is so gentle and friendly. The dog is fond of cuddling and snoring very loudly.

The dog can become a sweet therapy dog because of his good nature. The dog is able to bring smiles on people’s faces.

He can brighten the darkest days of people.The dog has an intagram account and attracted many people by his cute pictures.

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