Indiana police department allows people not to pay money for fines, but bring animals food and other necessary things


There are many people who worry about stray animals and they do their best to help these animals in need.

The police department in Indiana thought his own way to support the homeless cats . They help Muncie Animal care and service.

Muncie police has made a desicion that people who pay their fee can bring food or other neccesities for homeless cats instead of money. People do not pay money for their fees.

This a great help for the shelter. They even do this good deed and many people who do not have to pay fees also participate in the project.

They bring food or other neccessary things for the homeless  cats. Some of them are adopted from here.

This shows that humanity still exists. This way of helping the homeless cats really succeded.

Three hundred and fifty stray cats have found their shelter here. It is very fine that most of the cats get adopted new ones come here.

All of them have a roof under their head as well as proper food. The cats are thankful by giving hugs and kisses. All of them feel happy and safe.

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