The sad photo of the dog sitting in the kennel broke everyone’s heart


The sad photo of the dog sitting in the kennel was spread in the social media. The dog was in a hopeless state.

The dog was left in the shelter as the owner of the dog lost his house and they did not have anywhere to leave the dog.

The tear-jerking photo of the dog was a true proof the sadeness of the dog.The owners of dogs should know that they are responsible for the dogs up to the end of their lives. The dog looked devastated.

There were two dogs left in such state Ritter and Corky. The dog Ritter was just four years old and it seemed that he could not get used to the life here.

The heartbreaking look of the dog showed that he could not communicate with people and other dogs.

Every dog wants to have a forever home. The staff of the shelter did their best to find forever home for the dog. The photo shared on the facebook attracted people’s attention.

A kind woman came to adopt the dog. The dog is given love and care. This shows that every dog should be adopted and have a loving home. The dog will soon be healed as he will given the affection that he really deserves.

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