Video. A man videotaped how his daughter sings and dances to music played by a dog on the piano


Pets have the habbit of amazing us. The dog can paly musical instrument so well that the little cute girl started to dance in the music.

The dog is named Buddy Mercury. The dog became viral for his ability playing the piano in a proffesional way.

The dog Buddy Mercury is very musical. As the dog loves to play an instrument and sing very well he was named after the Queen band leader.

The family adopted the dog and the girl adores how he plays the piano and sings. The girl likes to spend time with him as it is rather funny to be with him. The dog entertains him.

The dog is very sociable and gets along with every animal very well. The dog only does not get along with cats. This does not matter what breed is the dog. Both of the enjoy each other’s company.

The dog plays the piano a few times a day. The dog is able to entertain every member in the house. The owner of the dog is a drummer and maybe the love towards music is thanks to the owner.

When the little girl starts to dance or sing, the dog runs to play the musical instrument. The girl is an inspiration for the dog. Everybody in the family loves music.

Here is the video:

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