The real life Fox and the Hound! Rescue vixen cub is ‘inseparable’ from her Bulldog friend as they snuggle and play together just like in the Disney film


Pauline Ashnaolla who is 28 years old rescued a fox. The fox was six months old.

When the woman found the fox he was in a poor and frightened state. The fox felt miserable as he was abandoned and left orphaned in April.

The woman brought the fox home and he was afraid that she had a dog a bulldog with whom she lived. She was afraid that they won’t get along with each other.

Since the time she rescued the fox she dedicated her life nursing and taking care of the fox which turned into a gorgeous tail vixen.

A beatiful friendship blossed betweeb the vixen and bulldog. They became inseperable friends accompaing each other every day.

They bond seems very strange but they look rather cute and different friends. They like to sleep and cuddle together. They play with each other and share everythong that they have.

They are like a real heros of the Disney film “The fox and the Hound”. Even the owner describes them as “The fox and the Hound” Disney film in 1981.

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