A funny footage. A sweet toddler has a funny arguement with an English bulldog


Watching arguements on TV is sometimes boring as people do not stop screaming at each other. It seems that they do not even need words.

In this case the little boy masters the skills of argueing in such a sweet way. He screams even you can nit understand what he says but he does this in a very proffesional and sweet way.

He argues with a cute dog of a bulldog breed. The dog looks surprised at the little boy. The little friend behaves as if he believes what he argues about.

The cute boy practices this on the bulldog and the boy lowers and raises his voice showing that he is really serious. This is a crazy scene.

The arguement is convincing as the boy scolds the dog and the dog runs his eyes back and forth. The dog shows that he has really done something wrong.

The dog behaves calm just moving his head and face expression but as to the boy he is very proffessional .

The sweet toddler will attend law school in the future. He will practice his closing arguement skills.

Here is the video:

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