The sad cat was taken to an animal shelter, but she was anxious and crying, there were kittens waiting outside


The cat named Toodles was two years old. The cute sad cat lived under a mobile home in the United States. The cat lived in the park.

Thr cat collided a dog and had injures. The cat was noticed by people. The sweet cat was taken to a shelter.

The cat behaved very anxious at the shelter. The cat did not stop moving and meowing loudly.

When the cat was examined by a vet it turned out that the cat had been nursing her kittens recently. The anxity of the cat is because of her kittens who were away.

As the time passed the volunteers decided to go after the kittens and see whether they were near the place where they found the sad cat.

The kittens were found and brought to the mother cat. After some time it turned out that the mother became calm and meowed quiter.

The mother cat was anxious again. The volunteers did not notice the one kitten in the place.

They went to bring the kitten now the family is complete and they are happy together.The mother cat feed the kittens properly and takes care of them.

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