The visits give a new sense to the woman’s life. A dog lover reveals how his dog visits an elderly woman every day as part of a touching double life


Mrs. Riddle’s husband died and after his death the woman felt ill. One year after the man’s death the dog passed away.

Riddle was looked after by a young nurse. The young nurse was worried about the woman left alone.

The young nurse thought that her boyfriend could help the old woman as he has a dog. The dog would visit Riddle and Riddle agreed about this.

As the woman saw the dog she started to smile. The dog therapy went well. The girl understood that the dog will be great healing for the old woman.

The dog regular visits are a great help for the old woman. Mrs. Riddle adores dogs. The woman gives toys to the dog. Spending the time with the dog helps her very much.

Thannks to the dog the woman became more lively and full of energy. The woman got younger and stronger.

Even the dog behaves so strange knowing that it is time to visit Mrs. Riddle the dog jumps with happiness. Though they had met before but their bond became tight and inseperable.

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