The cops build a “Cat Condo” for the stray cat who keeps visiting the Police Department


This cat is very famous in police department as he regularly visits Boston Police Department’s SWAT team.

The cat was named Swat cat and the cat is very tough as his appearance. The stray cat visited the police department very frequently and that is why the kitty was considered to be the department’s very own mascot.

The kitty used to wander in the streets of Boston. The police department gave the cat a bed and a bowl inside the police department.

The cat enjoyed the companionship and comfort that the police gave him. The cat could not imagine his life only living indoors. The cat adored the outdoor life.

The police department decided to help the SWAT cat and one of the officers whose name is Jamie Pietroskia decided to build a “cat condo” for the stray cat. The cat would live in.

The beautiful house was decked out with a roomy porch, sliding glass doors and had a stylish, open-plan, studio layout.

The cat lives happy at her own home and he always has the police team as her back. The SWAT team will never let the cat feel alone and lost.

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