An interesting obstacle challenge. Take a look at this hilarious video to see who is the winner


An obstacle challenge between dogs and cats is very interesting to see. The aim of thsi challenge is to see who is better at making desicion cats or dogs.

This question becmones especially important when it comes to the grace and finesse department.

The owners of the cats and dogs create obstacles for both dogs and cats. These obstacle is to cross everyday objects without knocking something.

Cats and dogs behave in a different way and this is rather interesting to watch. These footage attracted many people’s attention.Sometimes cats win, sometimes dogs and even both of them.

Here is what they did. They did the obstacle challenge with their puppies. They put a lot of things on the floor and made three rounds with the kitty and just one round with the dogs .

How will the kitty and the dogs pass them and how many things will fall after they passed?

Here is the video:

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